How to Have a Harmonious Marriage

The world changes and nowadays, knowledge of psychology is a necessary condition, without which your family life can lose a lot. It’s also about an idea of modern marriage with hot mature ukrainian women. The theory of family relationships has gone through tremendous changes over the past decades, old ideas have ceased to work, and not everyone has managed to develop new ones. That is why it’s necessary to revise the outdated doctrines of family values and take a fresh look at relationships. So, what should you do to keep your love? Read more

1. Get rid of illusions.

If you still see the embodiment of your ideals in the partner, and they seem to you to be just perfect, there is bad news: you do not know anything about the beloved one. A healthy relationship can be built only if you consciously choose your partner, and this involves getting rid of narrow-mindedness and illusions. Try to evaluate your couple realistically, to look at a partner from different sides and situations, to find out about their past, the soul wounds as well as about dreams and expectations about you. What do they expect from the relationship? What do you want? Do your goals and life principles coincide? Getting to know each other’s psychological traumas will help open your eyes to the illogical behavior of the partner that sometimes, surprises or scares you. The purpose of this practice is to accept each other and make friends with the dark side of the spouse.

2. Discuss your needs openly.

Only unwise people live with children’s conviction that a partner should read their personality as an open book, guessing cherished desires and fulfilling any whims. The reality is much more prosaic: the spouse is not a magician or a psychic. So, if you want to find a mutual understanding in the family, you will have to talk openly, discussing your desires and unrealized needs. Is there something that does not suit you, but you are afraid to voice for a long time? It’s time to discuss it.

3. Fight internal narcissism.

A woman doesn’t agree to marry a man just to get many gifts and not be alone. A man doesn’t make a proposal just to have sex and find a housemaid. All this has nothing to do with love. Stop seeing in your partner a magic wand that will fulfill any desire and will complement your imperfection. Each of you is a person, you have different goals, which you want to realize. The task of the family is to support the partner, help overcome difficulties, become a source of their strength and inspiration. Therefore, take care of your spouse, be sensitive to their soul, and your relationship will only benefit.

4. Learn to tell about your feelings adequately.

If you want to save the family, do not suppress the negative, avoiding sharp topics or making endless concessions. It undermines trust between you and kills love. When there is a problem, and you feel anger and irritation, it’s necessary to show your feelings in an acceptable way. The main thing is to remember that you have the right to have any emotions, but you should learn how to express them correctly without offending your partner.

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